The key to attract customers to the site is the continuous creation and posting of content.

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The key of website is content

What is Content Marketing?

We will post articles to the Internet through your website and target the first display page of Google Organic Search.

Why is Organic Search so important?

When Internet users access through the Google search engine, they will pay attention to the first search page and might be your potential customers.


Content marketing cannot be effective immediately as advertised on the Internet. If it’s only one article, it’s difficult to gain attention.

However, by continuing to transfer customer-related information, the site’s rating on the Internet will be enhanced and the site will be displayed at the top of Google search rankings.

This will increase the value of your website.

※ The chart on the right shows the change in Google’s rankings based on the content posted by Company A.

The difference between Internet advertising and Content Marketing


Access times


Advertising on Internet

Short-time - Temporarily


~$100/ month

Content marketing

Long term

Not assured


Although advertising on the Internet will ensure the number of visits when paying for advertising, but they will return to the original number of visits when you finish advertising. Meanwhile, Organic Search publishes article content that is not effective immediately, but when placed at the top of Google Organic Search results, visits will be guaranteed long-term stability. While advertising is temporary, content is a long-term asset for customers.

Content Marketing service


  • Keyword Setting
  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Content Map initialization
  • Create a title
  • Set up Nightwatch (optional)


  • Hand over the article
  • Feature Image
  • Translation (optional)
  • Integrated SNS (optional)


  • Google SERPs report*

Google SERPs
Ranking of each keyword on the Google search results page is collected every day and reported by email once a week.


Phone number - Email

Mail and phone response time is from Monday to Friday from 8 am – 5 pm. Contact email in Japanese, English and Vietnamese

  • +84(0)28.6725.5212

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