New Post

Select Posts> Add New from the left toolbar of the Dashboard to create a new post

A blank screen as follows will appear.


Fill in the title of the article. The structure of the title must be simple so that the content of the article can be easily understood, the search keyword should be added in the title..


Text length

When creating new blogs and information, you must be careful with the number of sentences and the length. For a line that is too short and a sentence that takes 10 minutes to read, the reader will turn to another page instead of continuing to read.
The appropriate number of sentences is about 3 to 5 minutes to read through a blog. If you have more to write, divide it into several blog posts.

Divide into paragraphs

Readers will not continue reading if it takes a long time to read only one sentence. Divide it into a 4-5 line segment so you can easily know the content just by looking at it.

Add title

Each paragraph begins with a title. Since H1 is already used in the title of the blog, in the text, the titles are arranged in the order H2> H3> H4> H5> H6


Information that may be listed in the text should be displayed by a list. Lists may or may not be numbered.


To add images to the content, move the cursor to the location where you want to add the image and click the Add Media button.

When uploading images, pay attention to size, resolution, and capacity.
Even if you upload a file that significantly exceeds the width of the Web site, it doesn’t make any sense. Make sure the text that matches the width of the range is displayed.
Low-resolution images will be blurred, reducing the quality of the site. Keeping high resolution, images display beautifully when appearing on the browser.
In addition, if the image loads slowly, the reader will switch to another page before the text is displayed. You need to reduce the image file size first using a service like


Readmore is a dividing line, only show the top of the blog on the blog list screen instead of the entire text.
For example, if you create a blog in WordPress and the settings are automatically posted on Facebook, the entire blog will be posted to Facebook unless you set otherwise. (When using Jetpack) If you
Using full text on Facebook, the sentence will be too long to read, the reader will not want to access the homepage. On Facebook, we should only display part of the text and let the rest of the text be read on the linked website.


Citation is a sentence that summarizes what is written in the article. Without quotes, a series of articles from the beginning of the blog content will be recognized as excerpts. The reason why snippets are so important is that they are displayed below the URL of the Google search results page. Readers decide whether or not to visit this page by reading quotes.
Also, make sure to use the keyword you want to access the cited sentences. In the example below, the keyword “Apple Watch Series 3” is the search keyword and these sentences show the keyword included in the quotes.


Permanent links are blog URLs or new information. Fixed links also affect SEO, so if you attach a long title, click the Edit button and change to a fixed link that is simple and straightforward.


Setting the right category for your blog is very important. Google recognizes categories as a collection of concepts. When readers-related information is fully aggregated in the catalog it can be displayed at the top of Google rankings. Be sure to set the category when creating your blog.
In addition, a blog may belong to many categories.


Tags are similar to categories but different. Extract key words from your blog and specify tags. When specifying multiple tags, you can also separate them with commas like tag 1, tag 2, tag 3 and tag 4.
Since Google is also reading tags, this is very important for SEO, but keeping the tags up to 4 to 5 for a blog is best. Too many card settings may be identified as spam.

Attractive images

An eye-catching image is an image that represents the entire blog.
For example, on the blog list screen, you can display eye-catching images and blog titles in grid format or on the blog screen at the top of the content.
The secret to setting an eye-catching screen is to make the size of the image sync across the web. For each blog, if the size of the image is different, the blog listing screen will not be displayed beautifully when appearing on the list.
Also, as with images in text, it is better to reduce the file size also for eye-catching images.

Check before posting

Check the blog creation and check the following items before posting.


When the blog is ready, press the Preview button to preview the screen before posting.

If there is no problem with the Preview, post it by clicking the Publish button.
To set the posting schedule, click Edit next to Publish Immediately and set the date and time to post.


Editing a page is basically the same as editing an article.
The difference is that posts can have categories and tags; But you don’t need to put categories and tags on the page.
Moreover, You can establish parent-child relationship between pages like pages like parent page and child page.