We encourage you to become a content writer and professional website marketer.



Domestic marketing and Content writing are becoming more and more important for web marketing.

Writing content is not a copy of the ad or article because no one wants to read the ad anymore. Content provides useful information for readers related to their interests.

Assuming you want to plan the next Sunday with your family, the first action people usually take will be a search on Google. If your article is one of the top SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), that article will have more readers and more traffic.

Bridge System Co., Ltd is a Japanese web marketing company based in Ho Chi Minh City and we provide some web marketing services in Vietnam. We encourage people to write in a professional manner with knowledge of web marketing and SEO. We also hire writing lovers to write about your own favorite topics. We offer FREE CONTENT WRITING COURSE here and RECRUITMENT CONTENT COLLABORATORS for our business.

Content writing course is a completely free online course for those who want to become a professional content writer. You can learn how to write, write and evaluate your writing. We require writers to take the course to become our partners.

We also hire content writers who can work with us as partners. For more details, please visit the employment conditions below.

Our goal is to encourage content marketing and content writing as well as contribute to internet activities in Vietnam. Hope you will become our partner now.


The Content Writing Course is a FREE online learning program where you can learn intermediate knowledge about content marketing and content writing.

Anyone can sign up and start learning how to write web content right now. If you complete the course, we provide a written certification and you can start working with us as partners.

The course includes 14 Chapter 70 Lessons

  1. The purpose of the manual
  2. Research
  3. Persona
  4. Keyword
  5. Competitor website
  6. Content map
  7. Manage blog post schedule
  8. Blogging
  9. Edit Blog
  10. Editor
  11. Publish the blog post
  12. Follow
  13. Postscript
  14. References


We are hiring author to write content that can work online anytime.



  • Trainees who are in need of writing practice environment
  • Freelancer who love writing


  • Freedom of the workplace and working time
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Learn about SEO / Internet and Marketing
  • Remuneration suitable to each ability
  • Long term cooperation opportunities for the company


  • High article quality, readers understand, attract many views
  • Do not copy other sources, do not spin content
  • Knowing the optimal SEO for articles by keywords is advantage
  • Work responsibly, on time
  • Have general knowledge about phone accessories, electronics, computers, office supplies, cosmetics, beauty, apparel, household appliances, …

Recruiment Process:

  1. Complete an online Content Marketing course compiled by the company
  2. Go to the link below to register and start the course:
  3. Start writing articles according to the given topic
  4. Assess the ability through the quality and quantity of articles
  5. Increase remuneration and bonuses for successfully completing the assigned work


Especially: Best Collaborator of the month (BEST WRITER) will be rewarded with an additional VND 500,000