Co-operating with B-Carry company – a famous Japanese in food industry in Vietnam, we are here to help them building a business that acts as a bridge between Vietnam and Japan, through the sharing of Japanese culture, quality and knowledge.

Target customer

Dora Dora sells Dorayaki – a famous dessert origin from famous Doraemon comic. Before building the website, we list out our target customer who will come to visit:

Young, funny design suitable for children

We use cartoon image, which is catchy to kids and suitable with the Doraemon character. The layout is completely simple and easy-to-read.

How to order?

We use Woocommerce plug-in for displaying, selecting and shopping Dorayaki. Customers can easily pick their favorite package, flavor to cart, log-in and place order.

After ordering, they will receive an e-mail to confirm the order, including the price, flavor, number of Dorayaki, shipping fee, etc.

If you want to build a E-commerce website to sell your products, feel free to contact us: 02862755212