Bridge System Company has developed and operated website for ELECOM VIỆT NAM – a Japanese manufacturing unit specializing in supplying devices for personal computers in the Vietnamese market.

Sales support for local sales agents via the homepage

So far, ELECOM has not yet established a subsidiary in Vietnam. ELECOM’s products reach Vietnamese consumers mostly through the import route and are sold by distributors at agents along with many other brands. Realizing that it is difficult to promote and develop when standing with products in the market, ELECOM has launched a separate website in Vietnam to promote ELECOM to consumers more easily.

Characteristic of design

This website is designed to introduce products and publish blogs. First, to introduce a large number of ELECOM products, we set up the Woocommerce e-commerce system in the backend. For the purpose of introducing products without direct selling, we remove the “shopping cart” and “display price” feature from Woocommerce and leave it as a product catalog.
In addition, we designed the site to emphasize the news section to make it easier for viewers to follow the posted Blogs. The image displayed at the top of the site is the featured image of the Blog and will automatically replace when a new Blog is posted.

Update 2 times/week

Our content production team will ensure content for Vietnamese blogs about Elecom and post 2 articles per week. We use AirTable software to manage and plan ahead of time for posting articles. The posts are also automatically posted on Facebook and show increasing efficiency.