Nhanh Nhanh is developing a business to receive orders for stationery, tools, office supplies, beverages, etc. using in office and factory by phone or fax and direct delivery.

Languages: Japanese/ Vietnamese

Website: Supplying products related to office / factory

Custom design

We adopt custom designs to consider access from smartphones. The design is automatically optimized according to the size of the computer screen, smartphone, tablet, easy to read and operate on the terminal. Pages for personal computers and pages for smartphones are not standalone but are changed by screen to view them in full screen.

Create/Manage content

We create timely information such as new information, product campaign information and publicity on the web. Job management is done by sharing on Asana, and conducting smooth communication with customers → contacts → workers.

Online catalog

In Nhanh Nhanh website, an online catalog in the same format as a paper catalog can be accessed on the web. You can browse through all Catalog pages on the web with the same feeling of working on paper catalogs. It is also possible to search the corresponding table of contents of the content from the table of contents or expand / reduce page display.