On January 4 2018, we will begin running the website of Procare Vietnam – a well-known eyelash extensions salon system to be launched. Procare has been present in a number of countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, China, Brazil, Thailand, and this is the first time Procare is available in Vietnam.

The user interface (UI) is feminine and clean

The goal is for women in their 20s to 30s, the design and user interface to be tailored to women, and we spend a lot of space on this and also try to make the UI clean.

Discount voucher

To celebrate the opening of the store in Vietnam, a 30% discount code will be given to customers visiting the site. When you point your mouse out of a web page in your browser, or when you click on the button to receive discount codes on your website, a popup window will appear. After completing your full name and email address you will receive a 30% discount code. When you redeem this discount code at a store, you will receive a 30% direct discount on the store’s service charge.

Each email can only be registered once, the discount code each receives after signing up is different.

Content Marketing

Three employees of their company have started writing content about eyelash extensions. After running the website, the ranking of the website has increased within a week, increasing traffic. In the future, we will continue to work so that more people can continue to associate with Google Adsense.