If you meet a problem on your business, you may feel uncomfortable and start thinking how to make yourself away from this situation as soon as possible.  However the more you struggle, the bigger the problem becomes.

Many people mix up problems and worries.  Problems could be a reason for your worries but no problem can be solved with your worries.  Only with practical actions, you can find ways to make solutions for your problems.

Please do not worry even in the midst of serious problems.

Problems exist outside of yourself and worries exist only within yourself.  Actually they are nothing to do with each other.

Don’t claim to the other people even though they do not share worry with you.

For business, we have to find out the quickest & easiest way to make solution and your worry does not contribute anything for this solution.

When trouble happened, breath deep, calm down, and start OBSERVING the problem.  Problems are shy.  The more you look at the problem, they shrink smaller.  If you find a way, more than 50% of the problem is already solved.

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