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We provide design and development of a simple but sophisticated multilingual website compatible with SEO.

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Effective ways of launching a new homepage to attract more customers

Website is helpful for overseas marketing

In Asia, which has become increasingly mobile, information distribution via the Internet is more important than in developed countries. Having a website with the ability to communicate will greatly improve your proposal and sales capabilities.

Gain users via search engines

Users who visit via search engines such as Google are the ones who search for the information they want and are high-purchase customers. It is necessary to corporate websites providing information that can reliably respond to such users.

Always monitor access status

By continuously monitoring the access status of users using Google Analytics etc., we can determine what kind of sales effect the company’s website is doing based on the facts. Gain continuous web access through content distribution.


  • Building a website with high SEO effect
  • Cleaning and designing organized web coating
  • Cooperating with external systems・Web automation
  • Introducing various plug-ins that enhancing functions
  • Responsive design for smartphones and tablets

Web development process


  • Logo
  • Company description
  • Description of goods and services
  • Information on the input form
  • Photo
  • Email address


  • Site configuration
  • Tagline setting
  • Keyword setting
  • Persona setup – Customer journey
  • Content Map


  • Homepage design
  • UI design
  • Banner & Slider design
  • Contact form design


  • Detail page design
  • Various plug-in setting


  • Domain settings
  • Server settings
  • Test
  • Public

Standard delivery time

Landing page: 3 weeks 

Corporate website: 5 weeks 

E-Commerce site: 7 weeks

Please contact us regarding the delivery date.

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