Dong Shop Sun is a personal finance company operating throughout Vietnam by Japanese. They offer financial package by motorbikes, and they  have stores in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Binh Duong, and Can Tho.

Landing Page Website

The purpose of the website is to get information from customers who want personal finance and generate leads. Dong Shop Sun’s website has a loan check function on the front page. Enter your desired name, email, residence, age, loan amount and phone number and we will get back the prospective loan email. As a result, we have achieved an incredible numerical value with conversion rates of 20% or more. Responsive design targeting smartphone users

Cooperate with external systems

WEB marketing automation has been implemented, such as linking from a website such as a window to attract customers to AutoPilot, performing marketing automation for registered customer information and Google Sheet , showing a list of customer information. KPI management measures performance in real time.

Procurement and marketing effectiveness analysis

Real-time WEB, such as daily Google Analytics results, the effectiveness of ad spending on Google Adwords, and updated customer information, etc. and visualize WEB campaigns. We can take steps to help the site work best and get high conversions.