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Continuous creation and distribution of content is the key for attracting customers to the homepage.

Content is the Key to your Website’s success

Regarding to the Content Marketing

We will distribute contents of your website to the Internet and aim for the top of Google organic search.


Why Content Marketing is so important?

When the users access your website via Google search , its is certain that they are interested in your business. Therefore, these users have high potential to become your customers.


Content Marketing cannot reach the target immediately as the Direct Advertising. If you just have only one article, it is less likely to gain a lot of reach from the very beginning.

However, by continuing to transmit information related to the assumed customer, the evaluation of the homepage on the Internet will be enhanced and the homepage will be displayed at the top of the Google search rankings.

This will increase the value of your website.*

※ The chart on the right shows the change in Google ranking by content distribution for Company A.

The differences between Direct Advertising and Content Marketing

Although Internet Advertising guarantees increase in the number of reach while the continuous advertising expenses are paid, they will return to the previous number of reach when you stop advertising. Organic search by article delivery has no immediate effect, but once it is positioned at the top of Google organic search, long-term access can be stably acquired. While advertisements are temporary, content is a long-term asset for our customers.

EffectivenessAccess guaranteeBudget
Direct AdvertisingShort-term・Immediate guaranteedGuarantee$100/month〜
Content marketingLong term Accumulated gradually No guarantee$20/times〜

Content service

The total cost is caculated from preparing for content distribution

Phí khởi tạo
/ lần khởi tạo
Phí khởi tạo dịch vụ viết content
Thiết lập từ khóa
Thiết lập Google Analytics
Thiết lập Bản đồ nội dung (Content Map)
Lựa chọn
Thiết lập Nightwatch
Viết content tiếng Việt
Đăng tải content tiếng Việt
Thiết lập hình ảnh đặc trưng (Featured Image)
Viết content tiếng Việt
Lựa chọn
Tích hợp SNS $2/bài
Viết content tiếng Nhật / tiếng Anh
Đăng tải content tiếng Nhật / tiếng Anh
Thiết lập hình ảnh đặc trưng (Featured Image)
Viết content tiếng Nhật / tiếng Anh
Lựa chọn
Tích hợp SNS $2/bài
Thiết lập Nightwatch
/ tháng
50 từ khóa
Thu được đến 50 SERP trên Google thực hiện bởi Nightwatch
Thiết lập Nightwatch
100 từ khóa
Thu được đến 100 SERP trên Google thực hiện bởi Nightwatch

Initial cost

  • First time only $ 150 regardless of Vietnamese, English or Japanese
  • We select keywords at initial cost, set up Google Analyitcs, create content map. Also, if you wish to receive a Nightwatch report, we will set up Nightwatch.

Article distribution

  • Please select the frequency of article distribution from the frequency below.
    • Every day
    • Please select the frequency of article distribution from the frequency below.
    • Once a week
    • Twice a month
    • Once a month
  • Post time will be the contract term of at least 3 months. Short-term contracts are appropriate if customers find results on Google search unexpectedly.
  • The SNS link is a service for re-posting articles to Facebook and Twitter in addition to posting on the blog. The cost will be each time.


  • We obtain the ranking of each keyword on the Google search result page every day, and we will report by email once a week.
  • Please select up to 50 keywords and 100.
  • Please contact us if the number of keywords exceeds 100.

Nightwatch SERP analytic

Nightwatch is is a paid tool to analyze SERP (search result display page) and aggregating Google search ranking by keywords.

  • We will investigate the ranking on Google search results with the keywords you set
  • The result is monitored by date and time, and it shows how many search rankings each day
  • Result report will be sent once a week by e-mail

Price options
50 keywords $ 7 / month

100 keywords $ 12 / month

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