Graphic Design/Printing

Graphic Design/ Printing

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In Vietnam, paper media is an important sales tool. With the spread of modern trade, branding is becoming more and more important in Vietnamese market. We cooperate with local printing factories to design, translate and print various advertising materials.


Brand building

The important point in branding is that you can provide a consistent image to the market in any situation. For that purpose, it is essential to create rules that assume various uses and scenes, and branding management when actually designing, printing, and processing. We will keep your company’s corporate image high in the Vietnamese market from the branding manual production to management.

  • Logo design
  • Brand management
  • Brand manual creation

Business cards

Business card is an important branding tool. Due to the fact that business cards are small in size, any misalignmenst or print mistakes are very noticeable. We will deliver Japanese quality business cards in Vietnam.High-quality business card production requires not only design but total management from printing to cutting.

  • Business card design
  • Production of business card design manual
  • Business Card Printing

Catalogue · Brochure

Paper media is an important sales promotional tool in Vietnam. We design and print Vietnamese, Japanese and English catalogs, company overviews, brochures and flyers.

  • Company Profile
  • Catalog
  • Brochure
  • Flyer
  • Poster


We produce and print various photo books such as completed photograph collections in Vietnam, memorial photo collection for inbound persons · graduation album.

  • Completion photo
  • Graduation album
  • Memorial album for returnees
  • Employee travel album

Digital Printing

The demand for printing solutions in Vietnam is rising every year, however, in reality the quality and managment is not gret e.g. in comparison to the the world’s highest printing quality services in Japan. The printing industry in Vietnam is a field where foreign companies are cannot advance so easily. In order to realize high-quality prints, management and quality check of local printing companies are indispensable. We have tie-ups with several local partners in both digital printing and offset printing to provide high quality prints.

Print order placement

Printing method

Delivery times and unit prices differ between offset printing and digital printing. Please choose accordingly.

Offset printing

Offset printing is recommended when printing large quantities such as catalogs, pamphlets, flyers and so on.

Delivery time: 4-5 business days

Minimum lot: 500 parts

Unit Price: Cheap

Digital printing

If you print small quantities, e.g. business cards, posters, etc. for a short time, digital printing is recommended.

Delivery date: ~ day

Minimum lot: 1 sheet

Unit Price: High

Placing an order for a business card

Business card printing is available from 100 sheets / 1 box. If you have data for printing · If you do not have, your ordering method different.

If you have data for printing

Compatible with Adob Illustrator or If you have data for printing in PDF format, please click the button below and place an order.

Print unit price: 150,000 VND (box) + VAT

Work cost *: 100,000 VND / name + VAT

Shipping fee: actual expenses

Minimum lot: 100 sheets / box

Delivery time: 1 business day

* When there is a change work such as name, Email, phone number etc

When there is no print data

Please take a business card photo with your smartphone and click the button below to apply.

Print unit price: 150,000 VND (box) + VAT

Work cost *: 200,000 VND / name + VAT

Shipping fee: actual expenses

Minimum lot: 100 sheets / box

Delivery time: 2 business days ~

* Create business card data based on existing business cards. Please send us if you would like to prepare logo etc. separately.


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