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Fully Automated Business · System Automation

The key to successful business overseas is the automation and integration of enterprise systems. We will promote cloud computing and automation of activities ranging from accounting, sales, customer management to the website by linking the cloud system to the API.

The key to successful business overseas is automating business and integrating business systems

Cooperate with cloud systems all over the world

We will cooperate with management APIs released throughout the world including Google to automate business operations.

From managing to systematic management

By standardization and systematization of operations, we can escape from sophisticated management and realize rational management.

From ownership to use

The management system no longer changes from the era of self-development to the era of use. A cloud system based on state-of-the-art management theory is available from dozens of dollars / month.

Our services

Survey and workflow design

We conduct business investigation · listening, workflow design, selection of cloud system, budgeting.

●Business survey
● Listening
● Workflow set up
● Cloud system selection
● Budgeting

System introduction / API cooperation

We will integrate data between cloud systems with APIs and integrate online data and automate business operations.

● System Contract / Introduction
● System Contract / Introduction
● Business automation
● Test operation
● Full-scale operation

Operational support

We provide manual creation, introduction education, operation support for smooth system introduction.

●Operation manual preparation
● Introducing instructions
● Business operation support
●Online support

Example of business automation


Automation will start when trigger is executed

Create a new project on the Airtable database


An action is a work that automatically works with a trigger.

Project folder is automatically generated on Dropbox

Automatically generate projects and tasks on Asana

Automatic generation of invoice (draft) to XERO

Corresponding cloud system example

Reference book

Cloud management technique that leads overseas business to success

Table of contents

  1. In times when corporate management abroad is commonplace
  2. Devices for making overseas company management succeed
  3. Cloud management to change overseas management to drastic
  4. Accounting auditing
  5. Customer management · Marketing
  6. General purpose database · Spreadsheet
  7. Project management
  8. File management
  9. Internal communication
  10. Business automation
  11. KPI management
  12. Business standardization / operation manual
  13. Other useful cloud system for business
  14. Cloud system comparison site
  15. Case examples of cloud system introduction
  16. How to successfully introduce the cloud system
  17. Companies that fail to introduce cloud systems
  18. There is no end point in cloud management


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