Keep any information, read, throw it away and search later.

I prefer jotting down, drawing concept ideas on a paper but once I transfer the idea, I throw it away into a dust box because I prefer keeping my desk & brain empty. Recently I started making use of Google Keep to record any information and idea. Here are some reasons that Google Keep is […]

How to make your job easy

Suppose if you can finish your task 20% a day, you may estimate it takes 5 days to finish the job. But it is not true. What really happen is you can finish 40%, 50% or even 60% on the day you started. If you take action now, then the most difficult point is already […]

Problems outside, worries inside

If you meet a problem on your business, you may feel uncomfortable and start thinking how to make yourself away from this situation as soon as possible.  However the more you struggle, the bigger the problem becomes. Many people mix up problems and worries.  Problems could be a reason for your worries but no problem can be […]

More nouns, More clicks

Here I found an interesting story “This Tiny Change to Your Website Will Get You Way More Clicks” The author says it is more effective to use nouns (Be a voter) rather than verbs (Vote now!) The meaning of these phrases is almost the same but using noun on your phrase is more effective than using verb. […]