Hi. My name is Yoshiki Kuraki, CEO and owner of Bridge System Co., Ltd. Our company is a 100% Japanese marketing company located in Ho Chi Minh City. Our business provides web design, web development, contents marketing, domain, server, graphic design, printing services etc. We also link various cloud systems with APIs to promote the automation of business workflows for our clients.

Investment from Japan to ASEAN is expanding year by year, and IT and systemization in various fields are required.We continue to grow as a company that can solve the problems of these foreign companies.Currently we receive orders from Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore, and we are seeking marketers and IT engineers who understood and work for Vietnamese market.

Our business style is not just a subcontractor, but solution and consulting business that proposes customers various solutions and solves problems.
Therefore, the staff not only needs to perform the work given, but also the ability and experience to voluntarily research, plan, and make suggestions to solve problems are required.

We have mainly worked with Japanese companies located in Vietnam so far, but now we would like to expand the market to local Vietnamese companies and international companies as well. Therefore we are looking for staff in the following fields.

The people I want to work with

Ability to read and write English. The communication language in the company is English.

Ability to investigate and discover solutions to problems with your own power.   Your boss (me) is very busy, so I will give you hints for solutions, but you have to find a solution on your own.

Ability to master the latest cloud business system. Our business is cloud based, fully automated, simultaneous. So conventional way of work is not recommended.

Be able to create manual on your work and promote automation of workflow.

To keep time and promises. If you can not keep it, be sure to repot in advance.

Job Offer

Ownership Bonus

If you are the first person to get a new client, you are the owner of the client.  Owner keeps taking 45% of the net profit of each project from the client.

Collaborator Bonus

If you are a collaborator of the project, you will divided 45% of the net profit of each project.

Rent Assistance

If you live alone apart from your family in HCMC, we will assist your rent in addition to your salary upto 2,000,000 VND/month for one year including 60 days probation time.

Human Resource Policy

Create a skill sheet every six months, report what you want to do and what you can do, discuss with me and assign work that fits you for the next six months.

So if you are interested, you will be given the opportunity to do jobs other than Job Description at the time of recruitment with or without experience. Especially young staff can empower your growth by experiencing various work.

All tasks are managed on the cloud system. Therefore, overtime work is not necessary unless there is a particular reason, but what you can do today is required to complete today.

If evaluation is high, once a few months, opportunity for promotion will be given. If I like you, the opportunity for promotion will increase. On the other hand, if you can not reach the expected ability, there is also the possibility of reduction in salary.

Failure is permitted, but it is required to analyze the cause of failure and not repeat the same failure again.

If you currently live in places other than Ho Chi Minh City, you will receive a rental assistance other than your salary for one year from the company. We will do the interview with Skype.

Not living together with your family in HCMC

2,000,000 VND /month in addition to your salary for 1 year after hired.

Selection process


Please apply from the application form by clicking the  button below.

IQ Test

After applying, the URL of IQ test will be sent to registered e-mail address. Take 30 minutes test at your convenient time.


Candidates who passed the IQ test will be invited to the company briefing.  If you are not living in HCMC, we will do a skype interview online.

Welcome to us

Start your career with us with 60 days probation time.  If you are not living in HCMC, don’t worry.  We will find a place to live.



8:00 – 11:55
13:00 – 17:00


Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays.
Saturday morning is set to working but you do not have to come to the office as long as you are not requested.


Social Insurance

Employment Insurance


Bonus every 3 months.
– Ownership bonus: as above
– Collaborator bonus: 45% of the bonus is divided with collaborators.